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Understanding the Barriers to Girls' and Women's Access to Higher Education in Puntland, Somalia: A Video and Blogging Project

Gender inequality is common in Africa´s educational institutions, where cultural, sociological, economic, psychological, historical and political factors play a part. In Somalia, as in other developing nations, large numbers of girls often drop out …

The Role of Education System in Nurturing Youth in Leadership

SIDRA has conducted a short study on “the role of the education system in nurturing youth in leadership”. The study sought to highlight how the education system shapes the attitudes, knowledge, skills and competences of young people in leadership an…

Research in Somalia: Opportunities for Cooperation

Research cooperation between Somalia and Sweden began in 1982, but was interrupted in the early 1990s due to the civil war. As Somalia gradually starts the process of institutionbuilding and shifting towards a federal system, the Swedish government…

Gender in Higher Education in Puntland: From Accessibility to Creating Supportive Environment for Women in Higher Education and Research

Female educational attainments are associated with women’s capacity to make informed decisions about various aspects of life, including health, marriage, and reproduction. Similarly, there is a positive relationship between educational attainment …

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