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Women and Value Chain Analysis & Private Sector Development Study in Puntland

This study aimed to provide an analytical review of existing and potential value chains that could help Somali women generate income and access local urban and rural markets in 4 subsectors. It aspired to identify sector specific value chains with t…

The Idle Youth Labor Force in Somalia: A Blow to the Country's GDP

The Somali population is young; it is estimated that 70% of the population is under 30 years. If the youth are not engaged in productive enterprises, it will have a contrary lasting impact on socio-economic development of the country for generations…

The Death Knell for the Mighty Somali Shilling: The Causes and Effects of the Somali Shilling Depreciation and Currency Crisis in Puntland

The Somali shilling is prone to sudden exchange rate increases and shocks. It has lost more than 30 percent of its value in a matter of three weeks between August and September 2020. The exchange rate of Somali shilling to US dollar has reached an a…

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