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Energy Mix Choices and the Protection of Workers' Interests in South Africa

The recent power shortages and subsequent load shedding experienced by the country, on one hand, and the increasing recognition of the climate change problem have brought home the fact that South Africa requires a mix of all possible energy sources …

Making South Africa's Migration to Fourth Industrial Revolution Just for Workers: A Lesson from the Just Energy Transition Framework to a Low-carbon Economy

Two parallel developments are taking place in South Africa that are of key significance to workers. On the one hand are calls for a move from traditional fossil-fuel energy generation to a greener, cleaner low carbon emissions energy generation. On …

Challenges Facing Women in the Mining, Energy and Construction Sectors of South Africa: Persisting Barriers to Equity in the Workplace

The South African government took deliberate steps to encourage women’s participation in the economy by gazetting a number of progressive policies and legislation to address the challenges faced by women in the workplace. The extent to which these i…

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