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What is the State of Microwork in Africa? A View from Seven Countries

There has been considerable hype about the potential of online work to contribute to economic growth and development and ameliorate unemployment in Africa through the creation of jobs, particularly ‘decent work’, by freeing citizens from geographic …

Digital Labour in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Increased access and use of the Internet has led to the advancement of online labour, which is driving the gig economy. The ‘platformisation’ of the global economy enables virtual labour mobility—the remote buying and selling of digital labour, whic…

Future of Work in the Global South (FOWIGS): Digital Labour, New Opportunities and Challenges (Working Paper)

The digital economy, particularly location-based platforms, could potentially provide alternative forms of work to alleviate mass unemployment in many countries. Such platforms may offer opportunities to people who face unequal access to income-gene…

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