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BUSAN Partnership: Challenges & Opportunities for Creating an Enabling Environment for CSOs in Africa: A Synthesis of Six Countries

"Africa is a significant receiver of donor aid, while also remaining an area where inequality and poverty exists. With the realization that Africa is not a homogenous land mass it was imperative to undertake research in the six countries documente...

Assessing Progress On CSO Enabling Environment In Rwanda

"This research report intends to share findings from scientific investigations made in the framework of CSOs enabling environment in Rwanda. A participatory methodology was used involving different stakeholders and field visits to key stakeholders...

Pan African CSO Conference On Financing For Development Report 2015

"The meeting also provided a platform for Pan African CSOs to develop a strategy to influence the outcome of the third FFD and beyond. The key outcomes from the preparatory meeting are; the need for Africa to exit from Aid, need to promote good go...

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