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BUSAN Partnership: Challenges & Opportunities for Creating an Enabling Environment for CSOs in Africa: A Synthesis of Six Countries

"Africa is a significant receiver of donor aid, while also remaining an area where inequality and poverty exists. With the realization that Africa is not a homogenous land mass it was imperative to undertake research in the six countries documented …

Assessing Progress On CSO Enabling Environment In Rwanda

"This research report intends to share findings from scientific investigations made in the framework of CSOs enabling environment in Rwanda. A participatory methodology was used involving different stakeholders and field visits to key stakeholders. …

Pan African CSO Conference On Financing For Development Report 2015

"The meeting also provided a platform for Pan African CSOs to develop a strategy to influence the outcome of the third FFD and beyond. The key outcomes from the preparatory meeting are; the need for Africa to exit from Aid, need to promote good gove…

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