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Hot in Law, Luke-warm in Reality: Towards an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Organisations in Kenya

This study was conducted at a crucial moment in the domestic politics of Kenya being just months away from the 2017 General Elections. A significant proportion of the outcomes of the study were thus arguably influenced in profound ways by political …

National Consultation on the CSO Enabling Environment: National Assessment Report : Summary of Proceedings

The enabling environment for civil society is informed not just by laws and regulations but by the entire framework of the economy, the people, their political ideology, their cultures, their religious beliefs, and their societal set ups. A sustaina…

Assessment of Structural, Legal, Policy and Institutional Framework for Implementation of Post Busan Agenda in Swaziland

The Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation recognizes civil society’s importance in policy formulation, development programming and implementation (including service delivery) as well as promoting and protecting human rights. At Bus…

Burundian Civil Society Organisations and the Monitoring of Development Effectiveness: Capacity, Structure and Engagement Framework for Government, Donors and Civil Society Organisations

The purpose of the research is to study in detail the environment (legal, economic and political) in which the Burundian civil society is operating as well as Burundi's compliance with its international commitments on CSO development after the fourt…

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