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Rapport d’étude sur l’Environnement Propice des Organisation de la Societe Civile De la République du Congo /Study Report on the Suitable Environment for Civil Society Organizations in the Republic of Congo

So, how do we define the term civil society in the Congo? 1. Civil society, normally is the part of a population outside of the political scene, as well as the defense force, consisting out of churches, youth, formal groups of women, or informall...

Assessing Progress On CSO Enabling Environment In Rwanda

"This research report intends to share findings from scientific investigations made in the framework of CSOs enabling environment in Rwanda. A participatory methodology was used involving different stakeholders and field visits to key stakeholders...

Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development: CSO Workshop Report on the Eight Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Aid Effectiveness

"The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development in partnership with Reality of Aid (RoA) conducted a Civil Society Organization Workshop on the Eight Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness. The aim of the workshop was to review and ...

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