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Mapping of Studies on Employment Creation of Agriculture and Agro-processing in Kenya Final Report

"Agriculture is the engine of growth in Kenya. The sector contributes 26 percent to the Gross Domestic Product and 60 percent of the formal wage employment in the public and private sectors. Growth in the sector has been modest at an annual average …

UTAFITI SERA (Policy Research Community) 1st Forum on Wage Employment Creation in Agriculture and Agro-processing in the Context of Inclusive Growth

"Despite high levels of economic growth in many African countries, the continent’s wage employment figures remain low. This pattern of jobless growth makes a dent on the dictum ‘Africa rising’ as growth has not been inclusive. Growth is inclusive if…

Political Settlement Analysis of Employment Creation in Agriculture and Agro-industries in Nigeria

Agriculture in Nigeria has not generated significant results from the policy interventions instituted by various government regimes to improve its productivity and impact on the economy. The country continues to expend its limited foreign exchange…

The Apprenticeship Pathway: Preparing Kenyan Youth for Jobs in the Agriculture Sector

This infographic highlights the employment issues in the agricultural sector in Kenya with specific focus on the youth employment problem in Kenya. The establishment of an apprenticeship program to attract youth for this sector is recommended.

An Apprenticeship Policy Framework on Youth Employment Creation in Agriculture and Agro-processing in Kenya

Apprenticeship programmes facilitate a smooth transition from training to employment through the provision of early exposure to workplace realities and contextualized learning. However, despite their utility in combatting unemployment, apprenticesh…

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