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Implications of the Fertilizer-Subsidy Programme on Income Growth, Productivity and Employment in Ghana

We examined the economy-wide impact of a fertilizer-subsidy programme in Ghana with a focus on agricultural-sector productivity, overall economic growth, employment, and welfare. We adopted a modified version of the standard PEP-1-t model. Our resul…

Social Capital and Women's Empowerment in Kenya: Case Study of Murang'a County

One of the pillars that can bring about empowerment is building social capital and social institutions. This study sought to examine the relationship between social capital and women’s empowerment in Gikindu, Murang’a County, Kenya. Women’s empowerm…

Impact of Market Information on Cashew Producers in Guinea-Bissau

Does lack of information reduce the ability of producers to find the right time to sell their products? To answer this question, we ran a two-level cluster randomized control trial among 1988 cashew producers in 290 villages in Guinea-Bissau. Treate…

Marginalization of Researchers in the Global South in Global, Regional, an National Economic-development Consulting

Using responses from a self-administered questionnaire, this study presents findings on the likelihood that consultants, academics, and policy researchers based in the global south will be hired by mainstream development partner organizations. We al…

Women's Employment in Rural Senegal: What can we Learn from Non-farm Diversification Strategies?

As rural non-farm activities grow in developing countries, less attention is paid to the opportunities they may provide for women. We build on this perspective by examining the gender-differentiated impact of non-farm diversification strategies in r…

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