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Liberia Update: Diamond Sanctions to be Lifted?

Liberia Update: Diamond Sanctions to be Lifted? Marriott Tackeles Illicit Diamonds Sierra Leone Diamond Annual Review Meeus Attacks Canada Major Increase in Legal Diamonds Exports

Liberia Not Yet Ready for Diamonds

Liberia not yet ready for diamonds World's poorest country makes diamond headway Terrorist financing & diamonds Angolan credibility plummets

Côte D'Ivoire's Conflict Diamonds: UN Security Council Imposes Worldwide Embargo

Côte d'Iivoire's Conflict Diamonds: UN Security Council Imposes Worldwide Embargo; Diamond Development Initiative, Successful Accra Meeting Kimberley Process Winds Up Third Year Congolese Diamonds, Peace And Development: New Pac Report Africa's L…

Zimbabwe Diamond Rush Turns Poisonous: Accusations Lead to Nationalization Plan

Zimbabwe diamond rush turns poisonous, accusations lead to nationalization plan; Diamond smuggling in Venezuela, four month failure to communicate; Global Witness researcher arrested in Angola, espionage charges denied; "Blood Diamond" fears fade, b…

African Civil Society: Prospects for Raising Awareness on Priority Issues

Sub-Saharan Africa is grappling with such severe and recurring economic, political and social crises that some of them, including HIV/AIDS, food insecurity and civil war, have ended up as humanitarian disasters. Making such a statement is not indic…

Between Hope and Scepticism: Civil Society and the African Peer Review Mechanism

history. We are currently witnessing major ferment in the development of the poorest continent on the planet. In the wake of the failure of the structural adjustment policies of the Bretton Woods institutions and of the negative effects of nationa…

NEPAD in Perspective: A New Development Agenda for the Peoples of Africa

The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) has been called many things in the past including; "a plan of African leaders", "a commitment to good governance, democracy, human rights, economic and social development", "a holstic, integrated …

Peace and Development in Northern Somalia: Opportunities and Challenges

It must appear to much of the world that Somalia has ceased to exist. All diplomatic missions there have been closed and Somalia’s seat at the United Nations lies empty. Although limited UN aid programmes are operating, bilateral donors have larg…

Sudan Civil Society Symposium: Symposium Report

The Sudan Civil Society Symposium was held in Calgary on June 5 and in Ottawa on June 7 9, 2000. It was organized by the Sudan Inter Agency Reference Group (SIARG), a network of Canadian NGOs working on Sudan. Freedom Quest International and Partne…

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