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Opportunities and Challenges of South-South Partnership: Reflections on a Collaborative Research Project on Violence and Transition in Africa

In this report, it is reflected upon the experience of four South-based organisations in conducting collaborative research on violence and transition in Africa. It explores some of the challenges and opportunities offered by working collaboratively …

Conflict Management and Disaster Risk Reduction : A Case Study of Kenya

The links between disaster risk reduction and conflict prevention is explored in this report and the focus is specifically on Kenya. Mainly, it aims to develop a livelihoods approach to understanding and reducing the risk of households and communiti…

Violence and Transition Project Phase 3 (VTP 3): The Transformation of Violence through an African Comparative Lens: Lessons for Violence Prevention

This is a summarised version of the draft consolidated Kenya VTP3 research report. The synopsis is based on two themes; Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Informal Armed Formations (IAF), as part of a larger comparative research project entitled, “Viol…

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