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Emploi des Jeunes et Migration en Afrique de l'Ouest (EJMAO) / Youth Employment and Migration in West Africa

The project "Youth Employment and Migration in West Africa" (EJMAO) aims to explore policies to address the challenges of employment which West African societies are facing. The research aims to improve its understanding of the challenges young pe...

Dynamiques de Restructuration et Accés aux Marchés des Ménages Ruraux / Dynamics of Restructuring and Access to Rural Household Market

"These results raise so many issues for public policies to be implemented, namely: what is the role of family farming in food strategies and policies supporting the agricultural sector by the State, local communities and the donors? -La Loi d'Ori...

Note d’Alerte sur les Transactions Foncières à Grande échelle au Sénégal / Warning Note on Large Scale Land Transactions in Senegal

"The food crisis of 2008 sparked the continued rise, combined with high volatility, of world prices of cereals and other foodstuffs. At the same time, world production of major food commodities and the level of global stocks have experienced a maj...

Les Propositions Paysannes Pour une Réforme Foncière Senegalaise Garante d'un Developpement Agricole et Rurale Durable au Senegal / Proposals for Farmers Land Reform in Senegal - Guaranteeing Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development

"The modernisation of our agriculture cannot be based on the agricultural entrepreneurship which is capital-based development. The exploitable land for agriculture in the broadest sense are, mostly occupied and operated by farmer families national...

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