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Diffusion de la Table de Traitement de l’huile d’Arachide: Quel Impact sur la Qualité du Produit ? / Dissemination of the Peanut Oil Processing Table: What will the Impact be on the Quality of the product?

The groundnut industry, like many other sectors of Senegalese agriculture, is confronted with serious constraints that severely limit its contribution to the national economy. These constraints are related to the irregularity of rainfall, the deg...

Accès des Femmes à la Terre au Sénégal: Quelques Leçons Tirées de l’étude de Base / Women's Access to Land in Senegal: Lessons Learned from the Baseline Study

The first results of the evaluation of the initiatives in the three (03) agroecological target zones, reveal innovative strategies and approaches that have improved the rights of women to land. Experiences demonstrating that there are not only cha...

Prendre en Compte les Droits Collectifs Pastoraux dans la Reforme Fonciere au Senegal / Acknowledgement of the Pastoral Collective Rights in the Land Reform Process in Senegal

The purpose of this paper is to review the policy and legal framework related to pastoral activities, to define the stakes of the articulation between land governance and pastoralism, and to formulate recommendations to policymakers, in particular...

Rapport de Synthèse des Ateliers Paysans sur la Réforme Foncière et les Enjeux de Sécurisation Foncière des Exploitations Familiales au Sénégal / Synthesis Report of the Peasant Workshop on Land Reform and the Challenges of Land Tenure Security for Family

As part of the policy of economic liberalization, donors exerted strong pressure on the government of Senegal to reform the land policy. This pressure initially resulted in measures taken by the State to withdraw the SAED from the management of la...

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