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Winning Kenyans' Hearts and Minds in the Fight Against COVID-19

In the six months since Kenya confirmed her first COVID-19 case, the country has instituted several measures and allocated at least 84 billion shillings to contain the disease. Despite these, Kenya’s caseload has increased from one case on March 13,…

Retreat to Nationalism in the 21st Century Globalization: Lessons for Africa from COVID-19

This brief is an outcome of the webinar conference held on July 16, 2020 and co-hosted by the HORN Institute and the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS) at the University of Nairobi. The webinar brought together leading scholars …

Kenya: Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic - Containing the Spread and Reducing the Impact

In December 2019, a new strain of coronavirus – now COVID-19 – originating from Wuhan City, China was discovered. COVID-19 infections have since spread all over the world. Stretching of medical and health resources, economic shocks, social upheavals…

COVID-19 in Kenya: Containment, Mitigation, Recovery, Reopening

This report presents considerations for containment, mitigation, recovery, and reopening (CMRR) to ensure a seamless, organized, and sustainable exit from the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya. The proposals for a systematic and organized exit, will hop…

COVID-19 in Kenya: Perceptions of Kenyans on Government Communication and Mass Testing

55% of the respondents said the government communication on COVID-19 was useful. 26% said it was clear while 12% thought it was poor. 74% of respondents said they would be ready for a COVID-19 test to find out their COVID-19 status. 73% of them said…

Perceptions of Kenyans on the Management of COVID-19 in Kenya

This paper discusses the perception of government performance regarding the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey highlights the citizens’ concern over increasing COVID-19 cases and the county preparedness to handle the epidemic.

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