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Government Performance Index 2019

The performance of local municipalities in South Africa is the indicator of the country’s heartbeat. Local municipalities are the closest institution to citizens; they reflect in great measure levels of citizen engagement - as recipients but also as…

Nigeria should enlist Foreign help to Rebuild Anti-Corruption Institutions

Despite commendable successes such as Nigeria’s surge up the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking, its citizens are disillusioned with the President Buhari-led government and its unfulfilled promise of change and a stalling anti-corruption wa…

Effective Taxation of Informal Sector through Local Community Partnership

By and large, as citizens begin to see value for money, the burden of enforcement becomes lighter. People will pay taxes when they see the good use that tax revenues are put to. Encouraging tax compliance demands not only lowering costs but also str…

Mainstreaming Good Governance into Nigerian Tax Reform

This study seeks to shine a light on key governance issues in the Nigerian tax system beyond the technical issues that have so far been emphasised in Nigeria's tax reform efforts. Those principles are isolated for indepth analysis in the hope of pro…

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