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Engaging Youth in Agricultural Policy Processes

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s youngest population and is home to over 200 million young people. Two out of three inhabitants are under 25 years of age and 44% of its population is under the age of 15. 70% of the youth resides in rural areas and…

True Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Development and Poverty Reduction in Malawi: Who Needs to Know What?

"The contribution of agriculture to economic development is enormous, as evidenced by the favourable direct and indirect impacts of agricultural growth and investment on Malawi’s economy, in terms of national income, inflation, interest rates, excha…

Scaling-up Promising Post-Harvest Technologies by Implementing Cost-Effective Policy Actions in the National Agricultural Policy Framework (PSRSA) in Benin

The level of PHLs in Sub-Saharan Africa is comparable to a devastating disease. Although PHLs are compromising farmers' food security and development, most of them pay little attention to the phenomenon. This policy brief will highlight the importan…

Towards a Regional Approach to Biotechnology and Biosafety for Southern African Countries (RABSAC) Food Aid and Commercial Imports of GM Commodities: The Case of Malawi

The purpose of this paper is to estimate how the impact that different import policies toward GM commodities might have on food security in Malawi and the SADC region in general. If the government decides not to import GM commodities, either on comm…

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