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The Dynamics of the Ethiopian Politics: Exercising the Soft Power

"Currently, in the Ethiopian political arena many things attributed as the legacy of late Prime Minster Melese Zenawi. It is also believed to be part of the country history and remained to be continued. Similarly many things urge to be changed. Amon…

Democratic Peace Theory Vis-a-Vis “Energy Peace Theory”

"In writing this short article the author wanted to show the possibility of making peace among African countries. His argument lies in the concept of "Energy Peace Theory". For the purpose of this article “Energy” is defined as any power (with the e…

Butterfly Effect of the Arab Spring

The root of the “Chaos Theory”, which is used in such fields as mathematics, physics, meteorology, and engineering, is the hypothesis presented in 1972 by Edward Lorenz, an American meteorologist, in New York, entitled, “Does the flap of a butterfly…

South Sudan: National Constitutive Dialogue as the only Way Forward towards a Viable Democratic Constitutional State

Shortly after the early June 2014 agreement was signed to form a transitional government of national unity within 60 days, on 23 June 2014, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)-led peace talks on South Sudan have adjourned the mult…

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