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Patterns and Determinants of Livestock Farmers’ Choice of Marketing Channels: Micro-level Evidence

This paper investigates the patterns and determinants of smallholder livestock farmer’s market participation, as well as the market channel choice using a micro-lever survey data from Ethiopia. Binary logit and multinomial logit models have been a...

Socio Economic Factors of Early Childhood Mortality in Ethiopia : Evidence from Demographic and Health Survey

The rates of childhood mortality are important summary indicators of social development, quality of life, overall health, maternal health and welfare. Childhood deaths are primarily caused by preventable and communicable diseases and poor coverage...

Non-State Social Protection in Ethiopia: Characteristics and Dimensions

The contribution of Non-State Social Protection (NSSP), with a long history in Ethiopia, has not been systematically researched and recognized. The primary objective of this study therefore, is to investigate the characteristics and dimensions of...

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