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International Migration, Remittances and Poverty Alleviation in Ethiopia

"The paper explores the impact of international remittances on the Ethiopian economy and on the livelihoods and welfare of households. It uses macroeconomic data and data from the Ethiopian urban household survey. It was found that remittance shoc...

The Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on International Trade Flow : A Meta Regression Analysis

"This paper applies meta-regression analysis (MRA) to the empirical literature. The results reveal that, though modestly, the estimated effect sizes may suffer from publication bias. Although the results show the existence of an overall authentic ...

Ethiopia’s Trade Potential in the Inter‐ Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

"This study is aimed at predicting the trade potentials of Ethiopia in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) block using augmented gravity model. Both the Fixed Effect Model (FEM) and Random Effect Model (REM) are estimated and tes...

Patterns and Determinants of Livestock Farmers’ Choice of Marketing Channels: Micro-level Evidence

This paper investigates the patterns and determinants of smallholder livestock farmer’s market participation, as well as the market channel choice using a micro-lever survey data from Ethiopia. Binary logit and multinomial logit models have been a...

Climate Change and Economic Growth in a Rain-fed Economy: How Much Does Rainfall Variability Cost Ethiopia?

Economic growth may be impacted by climate change through rainfall variability. This paper, demonstrates that the adverse impact of rainfall variability on economic growth depends on the rate of expansion of the amplitude of rainfall variability a...

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