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Issues of Vertical Imbalance in Ethiopia's Emerging System of Fiscal Decentralization

"The major purpose of this paper is to examine the extent to which the problem of vertical imbalance arises in the Ethiopian context and to critically assess existing arrangements for resolving it. Since the country is just beginning to experimen...

History of the Post-War Ethiopian Fiscal System

"The history of raising government revenue during the post-1941 period goes back to March 1942, to the promulgation of Proclamation 8 of 1942'. In the first paragraph of the preamble of that proclamation, the Emperor stated that "in order to accom...

Fiscal Decentralization and Macroeconomic Management in Ethiopia

"This paper attempts to evaluate the recent moves to decentralize fiscal powers to the regions to see to what extent they can affect the conditions for macroeconomic management in the country, given the ongoing economic reform programme that emph...

The Conceptual Framework for Fiscal Decentralization

"Decentralization in its broad sense refers to the division of political, economic and administrative power/responsibility between the centre and subnational levels of government. The degree of responsibility that is transferred by the center may...

The Macroeconomic Policy Environment and Public Enterprise Reform in Ethiopia

"Macroeconomic stabilization and structural adjustment measures have been taken since October 1992 involving an exchange route adjustment and new fiscal and monetary policies as major components. The new investment, labor and public enterprise law...

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