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Governance Structure for Groundwater Management in Lagos State : The Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Perspective

The purpose of the presentation was : 1) to provide understanding into the governance gaps in sustainable management of groundwater; 2) to identify the impact on, and what role policy, legal, regulatory and institutional structures can make in rela…

Capacity Building Workshop For Parliamentary Support Staff Of States And National Assembly (Water and Sanitation Group) Developing Legislative Agenda And Programmes For Waste Management And Water Development At The Federal, State And Local Level

Situated on the west coast of Africa, Nigeria has a population of about 167 million people. The country has been ranked as one of the twenty-five dirtiest countries in the world. Today most Nigerians still lack access to portable water, regardless o…

Water Management In Federal And Federal –Type Countries: Nigerian Perspectives

"Nigeria is a Federation situated on the West Coast of Africa. The country is considered to be abundantly blessed with water resources and is divided into 8 hydrological areas drained mainly by the Rivers Niger and Benue and their numerous minor tri…

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