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Eko Atlantic The Dream of a New Model City Struggling with Transparency, Good Governance and Negative Environmental Impacts

Lagos is one of the world's fastest growing cities, which offers hope for survival, income generation, employment and personal success not only to Nigerians from all over the country, but also to Africans from the West African region. It has been ch…

Eko Atlantic Project - Opinion Papers

This document consists of several opinion papers on the Eko Atlantic project in Lagos, Nigeria. The first paper: "Brief description of the communities threatened by coastal erosion and displacement by Ako Amadi gives the background to the Eko Atlant…

Poverty and Environmental Degradation in the Lagos Metropolis

The environmental problems confronting the Lagos Metropolis is examined in this paper. The problems are both natural and man-made and can be grouped into physical, sociological and management. After describing the phenomena of poverty and environmen…

Capacity Building Workshop For Parliamentary Support Staff Of States And National Assembly (Water and Sanitation Group) Developing Legislative Agenda And Programmes For Waste Management And Water Development At The Federal, State And Local Level

Situated on the west coast of Africa, Nigeria has a population of about 167 million people. The country has been ranked as one of the twenty-five dirtiest countries in the world. Today most Nigerians still lack access to portable water, regardless o…

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