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Law and Climate Change in Nigeria

The presentation commences by explaining climate change with a short definition. Several issues are then discussed under the following heading : Climatic change versus global warming. Which are the greenhouse gases? Consequences of climate change...

Stand up to Climate Change, most Apt - Kudos to Lagos State

In this document, Dr Olanrewaju Fagbohun, is interviewed by John Austin Unachukwu. Dr Fagbohun is an associate professor of Environmental Law and lecturer at the faculty of Law, Lagos State University in Ojo. In this article, Dr Fagbohun bares hi...

Climate Change and Green Economy: Law as Driver of Change and Engine of Sustainability

This presentation on Climate Change starts off with an evolutionary perspective of how life on earth developed over millennia. The four main ecological phases are then described, followed by a definition of climate change. Greenhouse gases are dis...

Global Warming and the Environment - A Challenge for Lawyers in Africa

This presentation was made at the African Regional Forum Session of the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Nigeria. Firstly a brief background is given to global warming and climate change. Then the following question is asked : W...

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