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ELRI Newsletter Issue No 6

In this issue several matters are discussed under the following headings: Environmental Degradation and the plights of vulnerable groups in Nigeria discusses the problems that Nigerian's experience because of the lack of environmental planning. Our …

Governance Structure for Groundwater Management in Lagos State : The Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Perspective

The purpose of the presentation was : 1) to provide understanding into the governance gaps in sustainable management of groundwater; 2) to identify the impact on, and what role policy, legal, regulatory and institutional structures can make in rela…

Global Warming and the Environment - A Challenge for Lawyers in Africa

This presentation was made at the African Regional Forum Session of the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Nigeria. Firstly a brief background is given to global warming and climate change. Then the following question is asked : Why…

Strategies in the Prosecution of Environmental Cases

This presentation commences by defining as well as highlighting certain aspects of environmental law. The necessity of having environmental legislation is discussed and an overview is given of its history and the classification of environmental law…

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