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Mapping and Analysis of Privacy Laws and Policies in Africa - Summary Report

Privacy in the digital age has become a preeminent human rights issue, given its intricate connection with, and its being a foundation for the realisation of other rights such as freedoms of expression, information, assembly, and association. Yet, w…

Digital Rights in South Sudan, UPR Submission, Session 40

Digital rights and freedoms should be accorded the same protection as offline rights and freedoms. Protection of freedom of expression, access to information, data protection and privacy have been guaranteed in international and regional instruments…

State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2020: Resetting Digital Rights Amidst the COVID-19 Fallout

The fight against COVID-19 has had a fundamental impact on digital rights and freedoms including freedom of expression, access to information, privacy, assembly and association. It has also undermined civic participation and, in many countries, deep…

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