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Positioning Civil Society Post Polokwane: Coming to Terms with ANC Political Leadership Changes

"The introduction of this report provides an overview of the research objectives and a discussion of research methods and limitations to the study. This is followed by a theoretical discussion defining the project’s understanding of civil society as…

Democratising Regional Integration in Southern Africa: SADC National Committees as Platforms for Participatory Policy Making

"This research examines public participation and democratisation in SADC by investigating SADC National Committees (SNCs) as institutions that support regional participatory policy development. Since the 2001 amended SADC Treaty introduced SNCs, lit…

State Civil Society Relations in South Africa: Some Lessons from Engagement

"This paper aims to provide examples of how specific civil society organisations have influenced and engaged the state, and what lies behind the success or failure of these actions.It looks at a range of organisations that have tried to impact gov…

Synopsis Policy Studies Bulletin of CPS Vol 8 No 3, December 2006

"The focus of the seminar was on South Africa, whose nature can be characterised as transformed, yet still transforming, but one that has effected shifts from a closed, exclusionary society structurally defined by racial oppression functionally op…

More Continuity Than Change? Reconfiguring Relations between ANC and Civil Society Post-Polokwane

"The material in this Policy Brief is drawn largely from this research, and opinions cited emanate from the interviews on which the research was based. The discussion interrogates perceptions of the nature and extent to which the ANC has revised its…

The Challenges of Diaspora Representation in the African Union's ECOSOCC Assembly

"This policy brief examines the challenges facing the effective representation of the African Diaspora in the General Assembly of the AU’s ECOSOCC."

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