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Bringing peace to West Africa: Liberia and Sierra Leone

"This paper discusses the tortured peace processes in the West African states of Liberia and Sierra Leone, delineating lessons learnt from the complicated and prolonged diplomacy and external military interventions that characterised these efforts. …

Mediation in African conflicts: The gap between mandate and capacity

"Given the frequency with which high-level peacemaking is undertaken in Africa, there is surprisingly little discussion in official circles about the science and art of mediation. The first part of this paper examines some of the specific problems i…

Under the Acacia: Mediation and the dilemma of inclusion

"Fostering peace through mediation involves a number of complex and important challenges. A key aspect of any mediation process is the inclusion of primary and secondary actors. This paper examines indigenous approaches to mediation and assesses how…

China’s role in the mediation and resolution of conflict in Africa

"The salience of China in relation to Darfur has generated a paradox in popular perceptions whereby China is seen as both the cause and the potential solution to an armed conflict. Such a black-and-white view may make effective ammunition for advoca…

The challenge of building sustainable peace in the DRC

"Over the last ten years, the Democratic Republic of Congo has witnessed an extraordinary number of attempts by both regional and international actors to solve what is considered Africa's largest conflict. As we are about to celebrate the tenth anni…

Mediation efforts in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

"This paper reviews the mediation experiences by presenting a chronology that starts from Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi's intervention in Uganda's civil war in 1985 and ends with Botswana's former President Ketumile Masire's mediation of the conf…

African Mediators’ Retreat 2009

"This publication is a meeting report on the African Mediators' Retreat 2009, which took place on 24-27 March in Zanzibar. The retreat was co-hosted by the HD Centre and the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation."

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