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The Promotion of Regional Environmental Security and Africa’s Common Position on Climate Change

The consequences of climate change poses a serious threat to peace and security on the African continent. It may, for instance, result in competition for and conflict about scarce resources. Potential conflict may be reduced by the capacity to adap…

Rights away from Home: Climate Induced Displacement of Indigenous Peoples and the Extraterritorial Application of the Kampala Convention

In this article it is demonstrated how climate change is linked to the displacement of indigenous peoples and how their rights are threatened in Africa. The article examines the basis of the Kampala Convention, underscoring the extraterritorial natu…

The Climate Change Regulatory Framework and Indigenous Peoples’ Lands in Africa: Human Rights Implications

This book examined the regulatory frameworks which relates to climate change at international, regional and national levels, as they affect indigenous peoples’ lands in Africa. It demonstrates how, at national level especially, a climate change reg…

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