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Suivi de la Demographie des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises au Cameroun une Analyse des Performances de la Reforme des CFCE 2010-2015 / Monitoring the Demography of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Cameroon an Analysis of the Reform Performance of C

This study reflected on the bilateral analysis of SMEs, which was created through the CFCEs during the period 2010-2015. It also aimed to assess the contribution of the reform on the CFCEs on national economic development. The methodological appr...

La Diaspora Camerounaise, un Atout pour l'Emergence : Un Plan Opérationnel à Résultats Rapides en 10 Points / The Emergence of the Cameroon Diaspora as an Asset : A 10 Point Operational Plan for Success

Recent studies on the diaspora in Africa can be divided into two main categories. The first is a matter of fundamental research and emanates from the universities or specialized centers. In the light of the international economy and investment the...

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