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Note d'Analyse du Budget 2017 de l'état Togolais / Analysis of the 2017 Budget of the Togolese State

The Togolese economy recorded a real growth rate of 5% with an inflation rate of 1.19% in 2016. In 2015 outstanding debt,was estimated at 75.4% of GDP. The investment rate was 22.8% in 2016, its lowest rate since 2013, while the tax pressure was …

Impact Social des Nouvelles Dispositions Fiscales de la loi de Finances Gestion 2017 au Togo / Social Impact of the New Tax Provisions of the 2017 Finance Management Law in Togo

In developing countries (DCs), the unequal distribution of income and the preponderance of the informal economy make it easier to generate tax revenue by taxing transactions in goods and services than by taxing income. In fact, taxation on goods and…

Soutenabilité de la Politique Budgétaire des Pays de la CEDEAO: Cas du Togo / Sustainability of the ECOWAS Countries' Budget Policy: Case of Togo

The main objective of this study was to assess the sustainability of Togo's fiscal policy. From the analysis of its public finances, it appears that the efforts made for the stability of the macroeconomic framework, including reforms in the manageme…

Rapport d'Autoevaluation des Politiques et des Institutions du Togo / Self Assessment Report of Policies and Togolese Institutions

The analysis of the results of the self-evaluation according to the CPIA criteria makes it possible to observe that grades range from 2 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (satisfactory). Macro management seems to have the most satisfactory results with a score b…

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