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Challenges to Relocation and Compensation of Rural Communities Displaced by Development Projects in Zimbabwe

This research paper outlines the challenges rural communities experience when they have to cede state land they are entitled to occupy and use in order to pave way for development projects. Due to weaknesses in the land tenure systems and the lack…

Recommendations on Development-induced Displacements in Zimbabwe

Development-induced displacement is a worldwide social and economic problem. In China, 70 million people were displaced between 1950 and 2000, while 50 million were affected in India. A study carried out by the World Bank shows that in the majority …

Development-Induced Displacements in Zimbabwe: Learning from Colonial and Post-Colonial Experiences

This book on development-induced displacements in Zimbabwe unpacks the underexplored risks and vulnerabilities encountered by affected communities in different parts of the country. Such threats include socioeconomic and environmental factors that a…

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