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African Agricultural Mechanization Myths, Realities and an Emerging Research Agenda

African farm systems remain the least mechanized of all continents. There were substantial state-led efforts to promote agricultural mechanization during the 1960s and 1970s, but these efforts failed, which led to a subsequent neglect of mechanizati…

The Forgotten Agriculture-nutrition Link: Estimating the Energy Requirements of Different Farming Technologies in Rural Zambia

In the quest to reduce global under- and malnutrition, which is particularly high among smallholder farmers, agriculture-nutrition linkages have received a lot of attention in recent years. Researchers have analysed the link between the quantity of …

Household Income Implications of Improved Fertilizer Accessibility and Lower Use Inefficiency: Long-term Scenarios for Ethiopia

High population growth rates in Ethiopia are likely to aggravate farmland scarcity, as the agrarian share of the population stays persistently high, but also create increasing demand for food and non-food biomass. Based on this expectation, this stu…

Honey Bee Network in Africa: Co-creating a Grassroots Innovation Ecosystem in Africa

This paper presents a case study of the Honey Bee Network’s decentralized model for collecting, verifying and disseminating grassroots innovations and provides a roadmap for its replication in Africa. The Honey Bee Network brings together government…

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