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Le Maroc et l’Afrique Pour une Mobilisation Nationale d’Envergure / An Important National Mobilization for Morocco and Africa

This publication intends to analyze the vision of HM King Mohammed VI giving stature and importance to the partnership between the Kingdom and the various African countries and to highlight it compared to the strategies of the Moroccan companies pre…

Statut Avancé: Passer du Symbolique au Pratique / Advanced Status: Move from the Symbolic to the Practical

The signing of the Status Advance undoubtedly endorsed the strength of the Morocco-EU relations. Through this joint document, Europeans engage in medium-term cooperation and believe that their interests go through stronger cooperation. An area of fr…

Maroc-CEDEAO: Comprendre les Réticences pour Mieux les Dépasser / Morocco-ECOWAS: Understanding Reluctance in order to Surpass it

One should bear in mind that joining a group such as ECOWAS, which ensures the free movement of goods, persons and services and aspiring to a single currency regime in 2020 - was not a straightforward matter with regards to the institutional, regula…

Sahara : Une Cour de Justice qui Oriente la Politique étrangère de l’UE / Sahara: A Court of Justice that Guides the EU's Foreign Policy

In the first instance, the decision by the Court of justice of the European Union to intercede favorably with the action for annulment, brought by the Front Polisario, of the Agricultural Draft-agreement signed between Morocco and the European Union…

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