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Chine-Afrique : une Autre Idée de l'économie Mondiale de Demain / China-Africa: a Different Idea of ​​the World Economy Tomorrow

The extent of the economic relations between China and Africa, have doubled beyond any doubt, especially its strategic significance – constituting of signs of failure or which might also be signs of a breaking point - progressing toward the possi...

Le Tchad, Nouvelle Pierre Angulaire de la Sécurité en Afrique ? / Chad, a New Cornerstone of Security in Africa?

When it comes to the Malian crisis, the homage paid in Africa, also from Paris and Njamena are unanimous. The intervention at short notice of the Chadian army in Northern Mali, alongside the French soldiers will without question, have strongly hel...

Statut Avancé: Passer du Symbolique au Pratique / Advanced Status: Move from the Symbolic to the Practical

The signing of the Status Advance undoubtedly endorsed the strength of the Morocco-EU relations. Through this joint document, Europeans engage in medium-term cooperation and believe that their interests go through stronger cooperation. An area of ...

Maroc-Union Africaine : Le Retour d’une Nation plus Africaine que jamais! / African Union - Morocco : The Return of a Nation more African than ever!

The relevance of the withdrawal of Morocco from the OAU, in 1984, was justified by legitimate political considerations. Today, the AU has seen its powers considerably expanded, particularly in terms of peacekeeping, conflict prevention and econom...

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