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Migration Urbanisation and Health Challenges in Sub Saharan Africa

"This paper begins by shedding light on the dominant types of internal migration in SSA, and in particular rural-urban migration as reported in previous national censuses; thereafter, it analyses urbanisation in the region, comparing the phenomenon …

Policy and Institutional Changes for Promoting Investment of Remittances in Kenya’s Agricultural Sector - Report

"There are many investment opportunities in Kenya's agricultural sector and other sectors of the economy, especially in rural areas. Taken from a value chain approach, vast opportunities exist in crop and livestock production, in provision of agri-s…

Rural-Urban Migration and Poverty in Ethiopia

The focus in this policy brief is on rural-urban migration in Ethiopia. Research shows that poverty and lack of opportunity are drivers of young people’s rural-urban migration. Migration to the cities nonetheless, has not led to a flow of remittan…

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