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Voter Behaviour in Somaliland

The main aim of the study was to understand voter behaviour in Somaliland, with a particular focus on the upcoming presidential elections. Specifically, the study objectives were: To measure attitudes towards the National Election Commission (NE...

Confronting the Future of Somaliland's Democracy: Lessons from a Decade of Multi-partyism and the Way Forward

Somaliland’s unilaterally withdrawal from the union with Somalia in 1991 was followed by a decade-long peace and state-building process led by traditional clan elders. Somaliland resolved internal disputes, merged militias into police and military...

Democracy in Somaliland: Challenges and Opportunities

The people of Somaliland went to the polls on 26th June 2010 to elect the President and Vice President of the Republic for the second time in a period of 50 years, counting from the date of independence in 1960. The election dates were extended ...

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