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Voter Behaviour in Somaliland

The main aim of the study was to understand voter behaviour in Somaliland, with a particular focus on the upcoming presidential elections. Specifically, the study objectives were: To measure attitudes towards the National Election Commission (NEC)…

Democracy in Somaliland: Challenges and Opportunities

The people of Somaliland went to the polls on 26th June 2010 to elect the President and Vice President of the Republic for the second time in a period of 50 years, counting from the date of independence in 1960. The election dates were extended se…

A Vote for Change: Somaliland's Two Decades Old Electoral Democracy

Somaliland’s electoral history is rather unique in a troubled part of the world where democratic norms and values are not respected. The combined elections at the end of May 2021 are crucial for the country’s political stability and democratic crede…

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