7 Billion on the Brink Who's Really Fighting the Looming Climate Change and Hunger Crisis?

"The world today confronts three inter-locking crises – climate change,resource scarcity and food price volatility – which all pose major threats to feeding the future. We can no longer treat these challenges to humanity in isolation. We must generate more energy without increasing greenhouse gas emissions or endangering food supplies, just as we must reverse climate change trends without reducing food production or putting energy out of reach of communities who need it for development. To step up national and international responses, we need also to assess where the greatest vulnerabilities lie, and how well countries and their donor partners are addressing them. ActionAid’s 2011 Hunger Scorecard report surveys 28 developing countries to begin answering those questions. We examine the record of these countries in two core areas: overall vulnerability to the climate/hunger crunch, and key policy measures that can reduce vulnerability. These are measured by our Vulnerability and Capacity /Preparedness indicators. This enables us to determine the most appropriate strategies for tackling hunger and pinpoint the areas that will need the most attention – now and in the future."