2018 Report on Human Rights Violations based on Real or Perceived Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Nigeria

This report documents the ways Nigeria's current legal framework, aided by the SSMPA, endorses human rights violations on its own citizens by deeming LGBTQI persons unworthy and undeserving of their fundamental human rights. This effectively makes a bad situation worse with more terrible implications in sight. This report lays its foundation by outlining the laws governing human rights in Nigeria and goes on to discuss frequent forms of violence perpetrated against LGBTQI persons in the country as reported and documented by human rights organizations from December 2017 to November 2018. It also examines the year's anti-gay trends/ cases and their effects on the rule of law by highlighting important issues. It expertly points out the reactions and influences that have gone on to develop the current LGBTQI climate and ends by providing vital recommendations to the Government, the National human rights commission, Nigerian Police and civil society organizations on how the fundamental human rights of LGBTQI persons can be protected and promoted.