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Victor Adetula

Professor, International Relations
University of Jos
Nationality: Nigeria
Country: Nigeria

Victor Adetula is a professor of International Relations and Development Studies at the University of Jos. He is also former Nelson Mandela Chair of African Politics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Professor Adetula has over two decades of working experience in the academia and development assistance sector. He has conducted extensive research in the areas of Africa’s international relations, comparative regional integration, Europe-African cooperation, democracy and governance, conflict analysis, and human rights issues. He is currently on sabbatical leave at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos.



  • Ph.D

Library Articles

Impact of ‘New’ Global Trade Regimes on Regional Integration Processes in the South

The challenges of development as well as opportunities for the ECOWAS is critically discussed in this paper. It re-examines the philosophical and theoretical foundation of the ECOWAS, and also reviews some specific cooperative and integrative programmes of the ECOWAS within the last three decades. It also unveils both its unsung accomplishments and frustrations in the pursuit of development and...

Measuring Democracy and ‘Good Governance’ in Africa: A Critique of Assumptions and Methods [Chapter 2]

Publisher: Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA)
Published: 2011
"In this chapter, I discuss the limits of liberal democracy as well as the assumptions and methods used for measuring democracy and good governance in Africa by international donors and western analysts. I undertake a critique of liberal democracy. I argue that many of the findings and conclusions in the donor-funded assessment reports on democracy and good governance in Africa are concerned...

Assessing Democracy Assistance: Nigeria

Publisher: Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA)
Published: 2010
"This report is one of 14 undertaken under the rubric of a project assessing the views of stakeholders in target countries on the effectiveness of democracy assistance. The project aims to gather views on how democracy support can be relegitimised and its impact enhanced.This report assesses external democracy assistance in one country according to the views of local democracy stakeholders....

Money and Politics in Nigeria

Publisher: Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA)
Published: 2008
"This book is a product of two seminars on the theme of ‘money and politics' held by IFES at the University of Jos and the University of Ibadan in May 2006. It addresses the dimensions of political corruption in Nigeria that has begun to attract the attention of various stakeholders in the Nigerian electoral process. Since the return to electoral politics in 1999, and particularly after...

Impact of New Global Trade Regimes on Retional Integration Processes in the South

Publisher: Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA)
Published: 2008
"In this paper we point out that current African regional strategies are rather seeking accommodation within (also and closer cooperation with) the global trade system and its powerful international agencies. Recent developments in the cooperation between African regional blocs and the USA through the African Growth and Opportunity Act(AGOA), and the EU through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA...