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Kisiangani Emmanuel

Senior Researcher
Institute for Security Studies
Nationality: Kenya
Country: South Africa
Phone: +27123469500

Dr. Emmanuel Kisiangani joined the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on 15 November 2010 as a Senior Researcher in the African Conflict Prevention Programme (ACCP), Pretoria Office. Before joining ISS, Dr. Kisiangani worked as a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue's Africa Program and had previously worked in various research and teaching capacities in South Africa and Kenya. He holds a Ph.D in Political Studies and International Relations from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, a MA in Diplomacy and International Studies from the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and a BA Hons (Philosophy and Linguistics) from Egerton University (Kenya). Dr Kisiangani is the author of Transitional Justice and Conflict Transformation, a Tenable Nexus? The Case of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (VDM Verlag: Saarbrucken, 2010) and has also published widely in his areas of interest which include; Transitional Justice and Human Rights, Conflict Management and Peace building, Political Governance, Africa's International Relations and Diplomatic Discourse. 


  • Transitional Justice
  • Conflict Management and Peace Building
  • Political Governance and Development
  • Human Security
  • Africa's International Relations and Diplomacy


  • Ph.D (Witwatersrand)

Library Articles

Kenya's Regional Diplomacy: Peripheral or Adaptive Pragmatism?

"Kenya maintains close bilateral and multilateral relations with all its neighbouring states. However, analysts have argued that Kenya lags behind in taking up strong positions at the regional and international levels, unlike some other key states in the region. With the most competitive economy in the region, a relatively well-educated population and a well-trained workforce, the question...

Kenya's Regional Relations: Between Principle and Practice

"Kenya has long been cast as a reluctant regional actor. Those who view it as having a strong economy, but lacking political leverage in its region have questioned its regional influence. Critics argue that Kenya takes its cue from its neighbours and adopts regional engagement strategies that are a passive object of the geo-strategic interests of others. A radical departure from Kenya’s...

Building an Effective Advocacy Movement for Sustainable and Equitable Agricultural Development in Africa Modernisation of Smallholder Agriculture and Policy Making in Uganda

Publisher: TrustAfrica
Published: 2012
"Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy and an important driver of economic development and poverty reduction. Approximately 73% of Ugandans depend on agriculture. However, the sector currently faces many multifaceted challenges which include land degradation, inadequate market access, unreliable weather and civil strife. Agricultural growth is also affected by other associated...

Between Principle and Pragmatism in Transitional Justice South Africa’s TRC and Peace Building

Published: 2007
"This paper aims at conceptualising the role of transitional justice in peace building by focusing on South Africa’s TRC. It argues that building sustainable peace in societies that have suffered protracted conflict or human rights abuse calls not only for short-term measures that aim to normalise relations but also for longterm societal transformation to bring about improvements in people’s...