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Catherine Musuva

Catherine is currently a programmes manager at EISA. Prior to joining EISA in 2007, Catherine worked as a researcher at Idasa and ODAC in Cape Town. Catherine has an academic background in International Relations and Development. She has conducted research and published on global governance, governance institutions and politics in Africa. 




  • Democratic governance (Elections, Parliaments, Civil Society and Human Rights Institutions) in Eastern and Southern Africa

Library Articles

Promoting the Effectiveness of Democracy Protection Institutions in Southern Africa - South Africa's Public Protector and the Human Rights Commision

"The primary object of the study was to evaluate progress in the advancement and protection of democracy and constitutional rights through the work of selected state institutions established to fulfil these functions. Empirical research was conducted by researchers in each country between March and July 2009 into two institutions – the Office of the Ombudsman and the national human rights...