African Heritage Institution

The African Heritage Institution (formerly the African Institute for Applied Economics) was incorporated in Nigeria in 2000. It is a not-for-profit, non-partisan and independent organization devoted to economic research, capacity building and networking. Its vision is a renascent Africa that is democratic, prosperous and a major player in the global economy.

Library Articles

Public Financial Management and Fiscal Outcomes in Nigeria : Empirical Evidence

This study analysed the relationship between public financial management systems and fiscal outcomes in Nigeria. The findings indicate that institutional factors such as corruption and literacy rate affect the institutional pillars of PFM in Nigeria. The pillars include governance structure, accountability, transparency and predictability. Poor budget coordinating institutions, lack of respect...

Is There Synergy Between Key Economic Development Policies and Financial Commitments on Infrastructural Projects in Nigeria for the Period 2010-2013?

Published: 2013
The study has identified the major infrastructures or capital projects identified by the key documents for economic development in Nigeria. This review concentrated on major infrastructures and capital projects in transportation (roads and bridges, waterways, railways and airways), power sector, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Niger Delta and the housing sectors. These sectors occupies a...

Challenges of Energy Poverty in Sub Saharan Africa

Published: 2012
"This study analyzed the determinants of electricity access in developing countries and, particularly examined why Sub Saharan Africa has been relatively unsuccessful in providing electricity to its population, despite reforms in the electricity sector. The results indicate that the factors underlying electricity access in developing countries have a different impact in Sub Saharan Africa....