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Robert Mugabe resigns: Reactions from around the world

Mugabe poster
The African Union, the SADC, politicians and activists have welcomed Robert Mugabe's departure as attention now turns to Zimbabwe's 'new democratic journey'.
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Locking horns to save the rhino

South Africa is losing more than 1000 rhinos a year to poaching. This in-depth analysis traces the decline of these majestic animals and unpacks the legal battle over horn trading.
UN Peacekeepers in Sudan

Peacekeepers and sexual abuse: A persistent stain on the United Nations’ image

In the aftermath of sexual abuse scandals that have rocked the UN, it has implemented several preventive and responsive measures aimed at eradicating this scourge from its ranks. The march towards progress, however, is slow. 
Climate change vocab

A vocabulary for a sustainable world

Decoding frequently used but not often understood terms like  'mitigation', 'the blue economy' and 'climate finance'.
Nigeria voting_Getty

Q&A: All you need to know about Nigeria's Not Too Young To Run campaign

The Africa Portal interviews Samson Itodo about the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign in Nigeria that is paving the way for youth to enter political office. 
Xi Jinping

China's national rejuvenation and Africa's role in it

How does Africa, a region that shared limited links with China during its imperial rule, fit into China’s vision for a 'new era'?


SADC not Bridging the Digital Divide

SADC countries are still grappling with slow and unreliable broadband access.

What Role Can Renewable Energy and Water and Food Securities Play for North Africa and the Middle East?

Renewable energy technologies are projected to have substantial growth in the coming decades, especially given the environmental, social and economic drivers observed globally. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region encloses abundant alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. 

Tax and Gender in Developing Countries: What are the Issues?

Encouraging tax compliance demands a careful understanding of how taxpayers think about and experience taxation.

Examining Nigeria's Learning Crisis: Can Communities be Mobilized to take Action?

Policy design and interventions in basic education were, until recently, unduly focused on increasing school enrollment in developing countries, with little attention on improving the quality of learning.

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