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Strengthening tobacco control in West Africa: How CRES is leading the charge

Ahead of World No Tobacco Day on 31 May, Abdoulaye Diagne, director of Consortium pour la Recherche Économique et Sociale (CRES), highlights the Dakar-based think tank's ongoing efforts to combat tobacco consumption in the region. 
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Kwame Nkrumah, the AfCFTA and the 'Africa We Want'

To hold their own amid globalised economic competition, African countries need a game plan that is based on both political and economic unity, writes Dede Amanor-Wilks. 
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In search of Zambia’s 'hidden' public debt

What is the true size of Zambia’s public debt stock? That is the question on many people’s lips since the International Monetary Fund issued a red flag last year, warning that the country was at high risk of debt distress. 
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How Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal could impact Africa

US President Donald Trump's Iran misadventure is a timely reminder that America may be too big and powerful for Africa to ignore, but also too dangerous to try and accommodate when wrong.
Rwanda The Royal Tour

The Royal Tour: Selling Rwanda as a success story

The glowing response to this travel documentary featuring President Paul Kagame as a wry-humoured tourist guide reflects many Rwandans’ insatiable appetite for a positive narrative. 

South Africa, Nigeria and the AfCFTA: 6 key questions answered

This article unpacks the way forward for the AfCFTA and outlines some of the concerns of Africa’s major economies and their least developed peers.


Avocado Contract Farming in Kenya: Does it Work?

The main challenge for Kenya’s avocado sector is how to transform to a programmed world in a way that benefits Kenyan exporters and smallholder farmers. 

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in the Horn of Africa

This policy brief explores the provisions of the Arms Trade Treaty and highlights its possible contributions to the regional approach already adopted by Horn states. If adopted, the ATT will address the challenges posed by all conventional arms and set clear mechanisms of accountability, unparalleled by any other instrument.

Opportunities and Policy Actions to Maximise the Demographic Dividend in Botswana

Botswana’s socioeconomic development aspirations as spelt out in its current long-term development strategy, Vision 2036, is to graduate from being an upper-middle-income country to a high-income country with prosperity for all. Demographic change has implications for the realisation of these ambitions. 

Issues and Challenges in Mobilizing African Diaspora Investment

The costs of financing African development, including infrastructure and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, are escalating, intensifying the quest for new innovative sources of financing to meet these costs and close existing financing gaps. 

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