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Anticipation builds around Zimbabwe’s elections

Party Manifesto
With Zimbabwe's first post-Mugabe elections a month away, questions around the credibility of the vote and who will win loom large. 
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South Africa on the UN Security Council: Priorities and challenges

From the deadlock on Syria to advancing Africa's interests, here is what South Africa must prepare for as it takes a seat on the United Nations Security Council. 
Bembe's release

DR Congo: The Bemba Earthquake

The International Criminal Court’s acquittal of Jean-Pierre Bemba comes at a critical point in the DR Congo elections. President Kabila and his opponents will have to recalibrate strategies ahead of Bemba’s likely return.
polling station DRC

Elections in Africa: Trends and lessons

Kenya, Liberia and The Gambia offer timely lessons for other African countries heading to the polls this year.
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China-South Africa ties at 20 years: 3 key features

2018 marks two decades of official diplomatic ties between China and South Africa. Yu-Shan Wu unpacks the evolution of this relationship. 

Maritime security: Implementing the AU's AIM strategy

The AU's maritime strategy goes beyond a counter-piracy agenda and includes the sustainable development of Africa's blue economy. Edwin E. Egede suggests ways to take it from paper to practice. 


Mapping Multistakeholderism in Internet Governance: Implications for Africa

From an African perspective, internet governance requires not only an understanding of the unevenness in access to and use of the internet, but also of the disparities between developed and developing countries’ abilities to effectively participate in global internet governance debates.

Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & SDG7 in Puntland

The aim of this study was to generate information and knowledge that would contribute to an efficient process of localizing SDGs in Somalia. Emphasis was placed on SDG 7 (Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all). 

Survey on Women and Livelihoods in the Niger Delta: An Overview of Women's Economic Activities in Oil Producing Communities in Akwa Bom, Bayelsa and Riverstates

Little attention, if any, has been paid to the consequences of the Niger Delta conflict dynamic on women's livelihoods and the active roles they can play in conflict resolution in the region. 

South Africans’ Views on Land Reform: Evidence from the South African Reconciliation Barometer

This paper explores four important aspects of land reform in South Africa, with a view to informing the present land debate with public opinion data from the South African Reconciliation Barometer surveys. 

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