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Young Zimbabwean women lead the way with new methods of electioneering

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While Zimbabwean politics remains a gentlemen's league, young female independent candidates are revitalising this electoral campaign, writes Chipo Dendere. 
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To vote or not to vote: Views from Zimbabweans on their country's critical moment

Fungai Machirori in Harare speaks to citizens who are sitting this moment out and others who are voting for the first time in the hope of real change.
European Union election observation team

Zimbabwe elections: International observers play vital gatekeeping role

By highlighting the problems on the ground on election day, and in the lead up to it, observer missions are alerting their governments and their home constituents to some of the enduring challenges that remain for the Zimbabwean government to resolve, writes Aditi Lalbahadur. 

BRICS Gender Forum: Putting women at the centre of development

Cobus van Staden and Luanda Mpungose urge the BRICS countries to integrate gender in their deliberations on key issues on the 2018 summit's agenda: the Fourth Industrial Revolution, peace and security and healthcare. 

Lessons from Nelson Mandela for Africa's development

Nelson Mandela embodied ethical leadership, which is a prerequisite for any country’s development and for achieving the objectives of Agenda 2063, write Chuka Onyekwena and Precious Akanonu. 
SSudan Peace Talks

How viable is the latest South Sudan peace deal?

Unless it addresses fundamental issues including governance and institutional reform, it is unlikely to translate into tangible peace in the everyday lives of South Sudanese, cautions Jok Madut Jok. 


Problematizing the Foreign Shop: Justifications for Restricting the Migrant Spaza Sector in South Africa

This report examines the problematization of migrant-owned businesses in South Africa, and the regulatory efforts aimed at curtailing their economic activities.  

Public Attitudes toward Zimbabwe's 2018 Elections: Downbeat yet Hopeful?

What explains the seemingly contradictory public mood among Zimbabweans? What is the election about? To what extent will large numbers of young voters affect the nature of the campaign and the outcome of the election? Read the results of Afrobarometer's latest survey. 

Tax in Development: Towards a Strategic Aid Approach

Continuing to improve tax systems is key to realizing the development dividend available today through improved technology and institutions, whereby it is possible to raise living standards faster and at lower cost. 

“In Nigeria, we don’t want them back”: Amnesty, Defectors’ Programs, leniency measures, informal reconciliation, and punitive responses to Boko Haram

This report analyses the limitations, human rights violations, and counterproductive effects of the heavy-handed Nigerian military response to Boko Haram. It also looks at the multiple attempts at negotiating with Boko Haram, discussions of a possible amnesty, and the design and effects of leniency measures the Nigerian government has adopted.

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