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The African Democracy Charter at 11: Hard work required to avert democratic deconsolidation

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On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the Charter, Dr Alfredo Tjiurimo Hengari assesses the state of democratic governance on the continent and suggests how to improve it. 
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Libya's migrant crisis and the EU's myopia

The EU member states that claim to be the standard-bearers of liberal democracy — France, Germany, Italy, Britain and others — should forge a Libya policy that is unified, coherent, comprehensive, transparent, lawful and humane, writes Jalel Harchaoui. 
Women in DRC demonstrate

Africa: 10 things to watch closely in 2018

From the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the new coalition against terrorism in the Sahel, we round up pertinent issues the continent must confront this year. 
Donald Trump portraits

Why Donald Trump's leadership traits resonate negatively in Africa

The contrasts between US President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama could not be starker, especially on attributes of character, judgement and personal demeanour, writes Professor John Stremlau. 
Internet cafe DRC

SADC not bridging the digital divide

Low levels of internet access persist in SADC countries. Our content partner, Research ICT Africa, examines the barriers to access and what should be done to overcome them. 


Broadening the Benefits of Growth: No one left behind

Why has Africa’s fast economic growth left more poor people behind and how do we fix it? A chapter from The Brookings Institution's Foresight Africa 2018 report. 

One Team, One Nation: Football, Ethnic Identity and Conflict in Africa

Do collective experiences that prime sentiments of national unity reduce inter-ethnic tensions and conflict? Afrobarometer examines this question by looking at the impact of national football teams’ victories in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Revitalization of the ARCSS and the Prospects for Peace in South Sudan

This policy paper from The Sudd Institute evaluates the prospects of peace in South Sudan within the context of the recently proposed revitalization process of the 2015 political pact. 

Cameroon’s Forceful Repatriation of Nigerian Refugees

Boko Haram’s incursion into Cameroon has called for the country to respond; however, Cameroon’s practice of forcefully deporting Nigerian refugees raises concerns. Read the full policy brief from the Institute for Security Studies. 

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