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African think tanks make their mark

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Congratulations to our content partners who feature on the recently released 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index. Here's how they ranked.
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SA’s foreign policy: Towards greater strategic partnerships in a post-Zuma era

As South Africa welcomes a new dawn,  Luanda Mpungose analyses the key foreign policy achievements and shortcomings of Jacob Zuma's tenure, and challenges for the new administration.
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With the US poised to cut disease surveillance in Africa, could the continent’s own disease-tracking centre fill the gap?

Africa's CDC, launched in 2016, is facing funding challenges of its own. 
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An inside view of African diplomacy in the UN Security Council

By looking at the work of the three rotating African members of the  Security Council ('the A3'), we can gauge the continent’s clout at the UN when it comes to peace and security. 

Making the case for African investment in space programmes

The African Union's space policy and strategy lays out why Africa needs to be part of the space economy, and what it needs to do to get there. Governments should prioritise this sector, say experts.
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Can technology help leapfrog education in Africa?

In sub-Saharan Africa, innovators are leveraging technology to reach out-of-school children, enhance classroom engagement, disseminate classroom materials, and track student progress, among other things.


What Can We Learn from the Uganda Revenue Authority’s Approach to Taxing High Net Worth Individuals?

The problem is not an absence of laws providing for the taxation of wealthy individuals. Rather, it is that these laws are rarely implemented. Download the latest publication from the International Centre for Tax and Development. 

Rapport 2018 de la Défiance aux Défis : Première des Grands Bouleversements / 2018 Report From Defiance to Challenges: The era of Major Upheavals

The Amadeus Institute's "From Defiance to Challenges: The Age of Great Change" Report of 2018 is the culmination of reflections, exchanges and debates on issues of priority regarding the continental agenda of International Think Tanks in recent months. 

Integrating Gender Roles, Social Equity and Post Harvest Management Policies to Improve Rural Household's Food Security

This policy brief by FANRPAN describes the current status of policies and programs in Benin and Mozambique, with the aim of identifying potential gender and social sensitive post-harvest initiatives, thereby supporting their transition to a more sustainable and inclusive food security economy.

Nigeria: The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice

Colonial policies, laws and structures have continued in use, either directly or indirectly and to various extents, long after independence. These ‘legacies’ play a fundamental role in the limited success of transitional justice movements in Nigeria. A report from the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. 

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