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No magic bullet: Cryptocurrencies and complexities in Africa

An exploration of digital currencies, their uses and challenges, and whether they can indeed deliver a 'financial revolution' for the continent. 
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What 2017 taught us about African politics

Don't mess with the military, judges can't save democracy, and other pertinent lessons. 
Zuma - Economic Review

The good, the bad and the ugly: an economic review of Zuma’s presidency

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has delivered a mixed bag of notable successes, glaring failures and costly blunders.
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Africa with open borders: A possibility or a pipe dream?

Agenda 2063 pledged to bring about free movement of African citizens across the continent. How is this progressing? 

Our 10 most popular research papers of 2017

Here are the most-viewed publications from our digital library this year.
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Why reforming Zimbabwe’s security sector and mining industry should be high on Mnangagwa’s to-do list

Without greater transparency and governance reform, real democratic progress in Zimbabwe may remain elusive. 


African Futures: Key Trends to 2035

A report on several major transitions that are shaping Africa’s future. Demographic change will be accompanied by economic, technological, urban and socio-political transformation with far-reaching implications for growth, human development and stability on the continent. 

E-Commerce and the WTO: A Developmental Agenda

This paper outlines the current e-commerce agenda at the WTO, provides an overview of new proposals, identifies the economic incentives behind these proposals, and explains the probable outcomes at the upcoming 11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires in December 2017. 

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 29 No. 5 September-October 2017

The complex and constantly evolving relations and interactions between the societies and states in the Horn and the countries of the Persian Gulf have significant peace and security implications for the region and globally. This issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) analyses and problematises current and emerging aspects of the relations between states in the two regions.

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