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Post elections: Unpacking the fate of Zimbabwe's independent candidates

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Popular and promising independent candidates, including Fadzayi Mahere and Evan Mawarire, all lost seats to politicians from the MDC Alliance and Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe's recent elections. Fungai Machirori explores why.
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Censorship in disguise: Social media taxes 'violate net neutrality'

Censorship in Africa now has a new name: social media tax and regulation. It’s been flaring up in various parts of the continent, and the effects are sometimes subtle and often effective. 
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Unaccompanied and afraid in Egypt

Migration from the Horn of Africa to Egypt is an increasingly popular route among children who are fleeing conflict or horrible conditions in their countries. Nadeen Shaker reports from Cairo. 

Living at the edge of the world: Stories of Sahrawi refugees

Virginia Mura, Oxfam’s head of influencing for the Western Sahara crisis, is based in the Algerian refugee camps. She interviewed five young Sahrawis who shared their stories with us. 
Chinese Yuan Currency Notes

Can China free Africa from dependency on the mighty dollar?

Is China, aided and abetted by the other BRICS member countries, making a bid to dislodge the dollar from its global pedestal and replace it with the yuan? And if so, will it help African countries, in particular, to escape from the iron and often onerous grip of the greenback?
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Labour wary of Mnangagwa's 'Zimbabwe is open for business' mantra

Labour unions fear that under President Emmerson Mnangagwa's 'Zimbabwe is open for business' policy, workers' rights will be sacrificed to please investors.


Commodity Smuggling in the Maghreb: A Silent Threat

Though largely silent and not often associated with the same levels of violence as other forms of organised crime, illicit trade threatens national and broader regional security in myriad ways. 

The AU Reform Agenda: What areas of Reform are most Transformational and of the highest return for the Continent?

This policy brief argues that to be transformational, the AU reform agenda needs to position poverty eradication and constitutional democratisation as the new frontiers for the re-conceptualisation of Pan-Africanism. 

South Sudan Conflict Insight

South Sudan remains enmeshed in protracted conflict. The purpose of this report is to provide analysis and recommendations to assist the African Union, Regional Economic Communities, member states and development partners in decision-making and in the implementation of peace and security related instruments.

Women in Elective Offices in Nigeria

This fact sheet intends to revisit discourse on women's representation in elective offices in Nigeria. The latest research shows that women hold only 86 out of 1534 available elective positions while men hold 1449.

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