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African Civil Society: Prospects for Raising Awareness on Priority Issues

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2004
Sub-Saharan Africa is grappling with such severe and recurring economic, political and social crises that some of them, including HIV/AIDS, food insecurity and civil war, have ended up as humanitarian disasters. Making such a statement is not indicative of a state of Afro-pessimism. Black Africa is not faring well—that is painfully clear to everyone. But this part of the world is nevertheless not...

Zimbabwe Diamond Rush Turns Poisonous: Accusations Lead to Nationalization Plan

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2007
Zimbabwe diamond rush turns poisonous, accusations lead to nationalization plan; Diamond smuggling in Venezuela, four month failure to communicate; Global Witness researcher arrested in Angola, espionage charges denied; "Blood Diamond" fears fade, big challenges remain; DRC: UN Peacekeeping Mission extended, report finds natural resources fuelling new conflicts; Tucson gem show arrests...

Human Security and the International Diamond Trade In Africa

Research Project Expands US Warns Liberia Namibian Diamond Mining in Congo UN Deadline for Congo Troop Withdrawals Security Council Discusses UNITA Sanctions Kimberley Process Expands

Côte D'Ivoire's Conflict Diamonds: UN Security Council Imposes Worldwide Embargo

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2006
Côte d'Iivoire's Conflict Diamonds: UN Security Council Imposes Worldwide Embargo; Diamond Development Initiative, Successful Accra Meeting Kimberley Process Winds Up Third Year Congolese Diamonds, Peace And Development: New Pac Report Africa's Largest Peacekeeping Operation Ends: Unamsil Closed As Of January 1 Liberia: Hope for a Better Future Africa's First Woman President...

Liberia Not Yet Ready for Diamonds

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2005
Liberia not yet ready for diamonds World's poorest country makes diamond headway Terrorist financing & diamonds Angolan credibility plummets

Liberia Update: Diamond Sanctions to be Lifted?

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2004
Liberia Update: Diamond Sanctions to be Lifted? Marriott Tackeles Illicit Diamonds Sierra Leone Diamond Annual Review Meeus Attacks Canada Major Increase in Legal Diamonds Exports

Diamond Industry Annual Review - Angola 2007

Publisher: Partnership Africa Canada
Published: 2007
Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) has been a leader in the campaign against conflict diamonds since 1999. It has been an active member of all Kimberley Process meetings and Working Groups. It has produced several background studies on diamond-related issues, 17 occasional papers and a quarterly newsletter, Other Facets. All are available on the PAC website ( This Annual Review of...

AFRICOM: The Road Ahead For United States Africa Command

Publisher: The Brookings Institution
Published: 2008
On May 27, Brookings’s 21st Century Defense Initiative hosted Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller, deputy to the commander for military operations, United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), for a discussion on the aims, status and future mission for AFRICOM as it approaches its first anniversary this fall. Vice Admiral Moeller has been directly involved with AFRICOM since its conceptualization as a new...

African Governance Institutions: Accountability Mechanisms Or Enablers Of Corruption?

Publisher: The Brookings Institution
Published: 2007
Over the past 15 years, policy-makers have increasingly focused on the importance of effective institutions and governance as critical determinants for stable economic growth and poverty reduction. This focus on institutions has been especially marked in Africa, where anti-corruption and governance projects are targeted to improve overall institutional capability as a key catalyst for better...

Supporting Democracy: The South Africa-Canada Program on Governance

The purpose of this report is to record and analyze (evaluate) the accomplishments of the South Africa– Canada Program on Governance (PoG) and the lessons learned in the course of its operation from its origin in 1992 through to the end of 1997. This is part of a larger report that also suggested a framework for future review and evaluation. This chapter introduces the PoG and describes its mode...

Outcome Mapping: Building Learning and Reflection into Development Programs

Publisher: International Development Research Centre (IRDC)
Published: 2001
More and more, development organizations are under pressure to demonstrate that their programs result in significant and lasting changes in the well-being of their intended beneficiaries. However, such "impacts" are often the product of a confluence of events for which no single agency or group of agencies can realistically claim full credit. As a result, assessing development impacts...

Gender Justice, Citizenship and Development

Publisher: Zubaan, an imprint of Kali for Women
Published: 2007
Ten years after the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing there is considerable interest among gender advocates and development institutions in reviewing how far the project of gender equality has progressed. According to a major review by the UN, the answers are not straightforward and at best ambiguous (UNRISD/UN 2005). Whereas there have been notable gains for women during this period,...

Fixing Health Systems

Publisher: International Development Research Centre (IRDC)
Published: 2004
The challenges that face Africa in the sphere of health care are formidable and often daunting. After decades of stagnant or worsening poverty and health indicators across the continent, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) — adopted by the United Nations at its Millennium Summit of September 2000 — have set benchmarks for improvements in the health picture. If accomplished, the MDGs would...

Comanagement of Natural Resources: Local Learning for Poverty Reduction

In the past two decades we have seen dramatic developments in the understanding of equitable and sustainable natural resource management. These have been informed and backed by innovation and research, not least that supported by IDRC, Canada's International Development Research Centre. The old ideas of command and control, of blaming poor people for mismanagement of their resources, have...

Canada and Missions for Peace: Lessons from Nicaragua, Camboida and Somalia

One of the defining features of Canada’s role in the world, both for Canadians and the international community, has been our unflagging support for United Nations peacekeeping. Up until the beginning of this decade, when the number of intrastate conflicts literally exploded, we boasted a perfect record, having participated in all UN-sponsored peacekeeping missions. That was a far simpler world....

The Logic of the B(R)ICSAM Model for G8 Reform

The BRICs model developed by Goldman Sachs in its publication, Dreaming With BRICs: The Path to 2050, has attracted some considerable attention.1 From an economic perspective, it has enormous attractions in lending attention to four countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) that that are dynamic global motors of growth. On the basis of GDP/Purchasing Power Parity, China (4), India (6), Russia (11...

Fragile Stability: Post-Apartheid South Africa

Despite the international recognition and praise that South Africa received in 1994 for organizing its first free and fair, multiracial presidential elections, the country continues to exhibit increasing signs of state fragility on a number of different fronts that could be traced back to the economic, social and political legacies of Apartheid. Primarily, this paper analyses some immediate...

Enduring Political Divides in South Africa

This paper offers an assessment of the foreign policy strategies adopted by both the Mandela and Mbeki administrations in their quest to shed the country’s image as a former defender of racial segregation, largely dislocated from the global economic system to become the leading defender of multiparty democracy, national reconciliatory processes and economic justice in Sub-Saharan Africa. In...

Egypt's Constitutional Test: Averting the March toward Islamic Fundamentalism

After gaining overwhelming support in a March 2007 national referendum, long-time Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak introduced new constitutional amendments that effectively give more power to the president and loosen controls on security forces. Mubarak's amendments constitute the latest move in a set of orchestrated plans not only to entrench the stronghold of his own National Democratic...

Welfare Shifts In The Post Apartheid South Africa: A Comprehensive Measurement of Changes

Publisher: Development Policy Research Unit
Published: 2007
The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive measure of shifts in welfare in postapartheid South Africa by examining changes in both income and non-income welfare between 1993 and 2005. Previous research using expenditure or consumption-based measures of income has shown that, depending on the data sources, household income poverty in South Africa either remained static or increased...